Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

Whether you're a seasoned boxer, kickboxer or Muay Thai martial artist, or today is your first day in the gym, we have the right plan and the right team to show you how to reach your highest fighting potential.  No matter what level you are now, we will take you higher, make you stronger, show you the way to greater self-confidence and self achievement.  

When you train with ACE FIIT and evolve as a fighter, you walk with confidence which enables you to keep a clear head and to stay centered and focused in even the most difficult of situations which life can throw at you.  You make better decisions and better choices because the adrenaline spikes are so much lower. Fear decreases as skill increases, due to your sustained self-confidence and a proven skill set.  The untrained usually come from a position of fear and recklessness. The trained, however, come from a position of confidence, clarity and deliberate purpose. 

Striking 101

This program is focused on mastering the fundamentals of stand-up fighting. Learn step by step Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai fighting skills & techniques from a top level Professional Coach. Master everything from proper breathing, hand placement, postures, footwork, striking technique, offense, defense, counters and much more. No matter what your motivation for training is, these tried and tested methods are guaranteed to take your fighting skills to the next level as you gain new found confidence in knowing how to effectively use your body as a weapon. This is a self paced training course so you can decide how fast you want to go. Sign up today, Start training tomorrow! 

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Forget long, slow cardio sessions. MMA FIIT is the perfect program for anyone looking to build a ripped, athletic physique in record time. If you’ve ever wanted to look and train like a professional boxer or MMA fighter, this is the perfect program for you. Each workout is made up of full-body strength and conditioning circuits that push your body to its limits. Using Fight Intensity Interval Training circuits, you’ll be burning tons of calories and building solid lean muscle mass in the most efficient way possible. Get ready to train like a fighter and take your body to the next level with MMA FIIT! 

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Are you ready to unleash the fighter within? In this 10-week training camp you will get everything you need to reach your fitness goals. With the ACE FIIT mobile app you can stay connected 24/7 to get expert coaching, nutrition guidance, and accountability designed to fit your unique lifestyle. Fight Camp will help you build solid lean muscle, lose unwanted body fat, help fight stress and anxiety. Plus gain tons of new self-confidence. Challenge yourself and unlock your true full potential with Fight Camp.

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