Welcome to ACE FIIT


Welcome to ACE FIIT your Virtual MMA Fitness Studio, where you can learn fighting skills and get in the best shape of your life with custom workouts inspired by the most affective martial art styles including wrestling, boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and mma. 

My name is Johnny Acevez Jr., and I am a certified fitness trainer and professional mixed martial arts coach with over 20 years of experience training, competing and coaching athletes to victory.

I created this website to share my passion and knowledge of combat sports fitness to help you reach your full potential in and out of the gym. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve mental health, or compete in combat sports, my online MMA fitness program is for you. This program is designed to challenge you physically and mentally as well as teach you the essentials of full contact fighting, such as striking, grappling, defensive skills and mental toughness. You will also learn how to properly recover to prevent injuries, cope with pressure, and boost  your self-confidence.

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Striking 101

This program is focused on mastering the fundamentals of stand-up fighting. 


MMA Fiit

MMA FIIT is the perfect program for anyone looking to build a ripped, athletic physique in record time.


Fight Camp

In this 10-week training camp you will get everything you need to reach your fitness goals.


  • My Boxing Lessons with Johnny started off as a outlet to relieve stress & anxiety. Little did I know I would be learning fighting skills along the way. I gained so much confidence and it worked so much better for my anxiety than any medication I'd ever taken. Best part is I ended up losing 50 Lbs. of body fat during training and have kept it off. I highly recommend anyone who battles with mental health to sign up for training ASAP. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

  • Starting a Fight Camp at 50 yr. old seemed like an uphill battle but Coach Johnny created a perfect training program to fit my busy work schedule and work around my pre-existing injuries. In only 10 weeks I lost 22 Lbs of body fat, gained lean muscle. I won my first fight and can't wait to start my next training camp.

  • MMA FIIT program helped me get mentally and physically ready for my first fitness competition. Ended up being the best decision ever. After 10 weeks of training, I was in the best shape, felt amazing and even ended up placing top 3 in my division.

Providing in-person and online MMA training for MMA fighting, weight loss and muscle gain in Orange County, California.